Understanding how active listening and targeted questions can aid your mentee

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I recently attended a Toastmaster’s meeting and delivered a speech on Leadership through Mentorship and the lessons learned through an unintentional mentorship I had in a previous role. In an earlier role, I unintentionally became a mentor for a colleague of mine, let’s call her Jane. She and I often…

Different ways to keep learning both inside and outside of the office

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It can be hard to find time to keep skills relevant, especially those skills we are not actively using at work. As people, we have other obligations and commitments outside of work that demand our attention. I got a comment recently on another post I wrote from Carrie stating, “Agree…

3 key lessons learned from joining a Twitter Space on handling stress

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Some days are too quiet for their own good, so instead, I went to find something to listen to while I worked. On Twitter, a Space was being held on “Handling Stress on Social Media,” with lead speakers being Santiago, Danny Thompson, Samantha Postman, and Francesco Ciulla. The talk didn’t…

Understanding the business objectives in 3 key questions before developing the algorithms

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Context, context, context. Context is everything when working in data science. The biggest mistake I see data scientists making is not understanding their work’s context and business objectives. Instead, they focus heavily on knowing the AI/ML techniques. Complex algorithms are great when they are used in the right place. …

Office Hours

Job hopping to the next opportunity: becoming a data science consultant

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I spent almost two years at the same job until April, when I “walked” into my remote office and quit my job. The expression on my manager’s face was shock. His eyes bulged a bit, and he didn’t know what to say. The words I do clearly were, “I thought…

No one is perfect at handling rejection, and sometimes it can hurt

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Life is full of disappointments, but all we ever see online is people celebrating their new jobs, wins, and the positives. Honestly, I do it myself as well. When I post on LinkedIn, I am sharing the positive experiences I have had with my team. I post the wins we…

Understand your audience, answer questions, and ask for feedback

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When I was in college, I participated in Toastmasters. I spent two years working on my presentation skills, learning how to speak in front of people, and getting feedback on my work. At the time, I did not anticipate the impact it would have on my current position. Learning to…

Rose Day

I am a Sr. Data Science Platform Engineer who wants to share with you what I have learned during my life and career thus far. https://bit.ly/3riPnwK

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